Most Downloaded Modern Arabic Fonts

Around 391 Million Population in the world speak, write and understand Arabic language. There are 22 Soverign States where Arabic Language is an Official Language for its citizens.

If we talk about the Arabic Script and writing styles in Arabic fonts, there are five writing styles in Arabic Fonts namely, Naskh, Nastaliq, Taliq, Kufic and Rasm.  Each writing style in Arabic Script and Arabic Fonts have their own way of presentation and cultural values. Arabic Fonts in a summarized idea, are beautiful but sometimes it is difficult to choose fonts from thousands of elegant, stylish and modern Arabic fonts found online in various websites.

This page is dedicatedly developed and published by Arabic Fonts, to showcase the most downloaded fonts in our website, so that our beloved users can choose from the list of the most preferred and top rated Modern Arabic fonts to meet their requirement.

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We, At Arabic fonts, are aimed and motivated to create a wonderful pool and database of Arabic fonts. Currently we have (A) Arslan Wessam A (A) Arslan Wessam AKFGQPC Uthmanic Script HAFS Regular and Janna LT Bold as our most downloaded Arabic Fonts. These fonts have a critical and cultural importance in the Arabic Script history and Arabic Font Selection. That has been the reason why these fonts are most downloaded from our website.

Arabic Fonts offers "No Registration, Single Click Download" feature which has been prefered across our sister websites, namely, Hindi Fonts, Marathi Fonts, Bengali Fonts etc. No Registration, Single Click Download feature has been loved by our Arabic Fonts users over the years.  These fonts are compatible for powerpoint presentations in pptx format and designs as well, you can simply download this font and use it in your presentations.

Our users have preferred the Arabic Fonts we offer, be it for a website, books, magazines, or just to explore new calligraphies available online.  Our wide range of Arabic fonts from various Arabic Scripts and Writing styles, our users have kept us ahead and even mailed us how they have bookmarked us - when it comes to downloading the Modern and Artistic Arabic Fonts. 

Further to this, we suggest you to visit our Top Rated Arabic Fonts page to understand which arabic fonts are highly preferred and rated in our website.